Bike & Outboard Tune-Up - Wynn's  375ml

Bike & Outboard Tune-Up - Wynn's 375ml

  • R 125.00


Your bike or outboard motor’s performance is dependent on the cleanliness of the fuel delivery system. Wynn’s Bike & outboard tune-up was specifically developed for ease of use, to ensure thorough cleaning of your motor’s important components without the requirement of dismantling. Wynn’s Bike & outboard tune-up blend has been proven to be the premium product in the market to restore your motor’s performance.

  • Cleans entire fuel delivery and combustion chamber
  • Cleans all injector or carburettor components without dismantling.
  • Restores efficient fuel delivery while improving cylinder compression and engine response.
  • Reduces emissions
  • Safe on catalytic converters and spark plugs

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